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With the combined faculty expertise and resources of Duke, UNC, and NCSU, the Triangle area represents the largest and most prominent center for East Asian Studies scholarship in the Southeast. Students interested in China, Japan, and/or Korea can pursue undergraduate and graduate programs in East Asian or International Studies at Duke, NCSU, or UNC, which may be tailored to fit area and topical interests. Certificates or minors in East Asian Studies, and individual languages are also available. Doctoral students choose to focus their dissertation on East Asia-related research within their chosen field.

The close relationship between the three universities, particularly Duke and UNC, has led to the formation of an inter-institutional system that allows students to take courses for credit at all of these institutions. Thus, students are not limited to the offering of their home institution, but have the distinct advantage of being able to study with any of the faculty affiliated with the Triangle East Asia Consortium.

Student involvement, especially by graduate students, is an integral part of the the Center’s mission of continued innovation and growth in East Asian studies scholarship in the Triangle and beyond. For more information on opportunities to participate in TEAC events and engage with faculty and other students interested in East Asia, please visit our Undergraduate and Graduate pages.

Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate students interested in learning more about East Asia are invited to take courses taught by our faculty and attend lectures, book discussions, films, symposiums, and other events sponsored by TEAC. These events are held at on campus at Duke, UNC, and NCSU and provide valuable opportunities to connect with students at other universities and interact with faculty members outside the classroom.

Graduate Programs

The Triangle East Asia Colloquium presents many opportunities for graduate students to engage with peers and professors through programming such as the Triangle China Forum, the Triangle Korea Forum, the Triangle Japan Forum and cross-institutional research groups. These programs bring together graduate students and faculty to share and present their research and discuss recent publications and developments related to Japan.


PhD Programs

PhD candidates should apply directly to the most relevant home department, (History, Political Science, Anthropology, etc.) For a list of possible advisors, please see our Faculty page.

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